Hanneke de Jager

I am very grateful to Hanneke de Jager for the poster she initially designed for the Breadfruit House Dominica Foundation. Not only did she capture the Breadfruit House’s spirit and what it stands for, but the poster itself is also a true masterpiece. Even after studying this excellent piece of art for hours, I still discover new details! As you might have noticed, she used a variety of materials: paint, wool, buttons, paperclips, and even sweets and birthday candles!

I am delighted to use parts of the poster for the illustrations of this website to make it truly unique.

The original art will stay with Hanneke; luckily, the poster made of this original is available at or directly at Hanneke’s website. Hanneke honored me with the generous offer to donate a percentage of the revenue to The Breadfruit House Foundation.

Please take your time to visit Hanneke’s website for her marvelous other work: