Stories From My Rocking chair

Why stories from my rocking chair?

For me, there is something soothing about gently moving in a rocking chair. My love for rocking chairs started in 2010 when I volunteered in Turrialba, Costa Rica. My host family had three rocking chairs in their tiny front yard, and it became my routine to sit there almost every evening. Their little dog Perla would often nestle herself on my lap, and together we would gently rock in my favorite chair with the leather seat and back. People would pass by and stop for a little chat.

There was only that moment, impeccably peaceful, and it is where I felt true happiness for the first time in a long while. It is one of my most precious memories because that is where it all started. Fast forward ten years, I am living in Dominica. And even though I don’t have one yet, a rocking chair will be on the porch of my new home. I see a 2-story building where both me and the Breadfruit House will be at home. This time the chair is painted in bright red and has written ‘Regisseur’ on it; that is Dutch for director as I am the director of my life and the Breadfruit House Dominica Foundation. I picture myself sitting there with a cat on my lap and a dog by my feet, contemplating the extraordinary life I have lived so far. And what the future holds. 

My book: “Unboxable, the power of not fitting in,” is about my life. How I never really felt like I fitted in until I moved to Dominica. How many good, bad, and outright ugly experiences led to the work I do today with my Breadfruit House Dominica Foundation. We inspire children to tell their stories with the help of creativity.

I took a massive leap of faith by leaving the Netherlands to move here, and even though my life is entirely different from what I had envisioned, it still is the best decision I have ever made. Finding your mission in life and listening to your heart is such a great gift to yourself. I encourage you to read my book and feel inspired to follow your heart, and of course, that doesn’t always mean moving to another continent. Do what makes you happy, and remember it is never too late to make changes.
From the comfort of my rocking chair, I want to take you along my life here in Dominica. From cooking adventures to funny encounters on the street. The challenges of living in a developing country, building a network in a new environment, and of course my book writing journey. There are so many stories to tell.

Come and sit with me a while to tell you all about it. Click here for my latest blog.