I am proud to finally present Oliver to the world. In the book, we meet Oliver, a happy 8-year-old boy who enjoys his life on Dot Island in the Caribbean.

When a pandemic reaches the island, everything changes. And Oliver has a hard time coping with all the rules and restrictions. It proves to be difficult for Oliver to talk about it, even to his parents.

Fortunately, there is Ms. Marieke’s art class. Oliver learns that being creative helps with dealing with big emotions and feelings. And, of course, it is fun doing arts and crafts.

The story is brought to life by Kibibi Stephenson, with her sweet and relatable illustrations.

Even though this story is based around a pandemic, emotions are the same in every challenging event.

You can order your copy via this link, and 100% of the proceeds go to Breadfruit House.




I am in the process of finishing my first book. It is an exciting adventure and sometimes also a daunting journey. Now and then, I will take you along the path called writing and publishing a book in one of my Blogs. Follow me on social media for updates on the release date and sign up for the newsletter if you don’t want to miss anything. As I follow the reverse writing technique, the back cover is ready for you to read, click here.




I wrote one chapter in VOICES, a co-creation of 16 individual authors. My chapter is called Art and Soul, and I speak about how being creative kept me sane during a challenging time in my life.

And that experience became the basis of my work with children in Dominica years later. With my non-profit, Breadfruit House Dominica Foundation, we encourage children to use their creativity to express their emotions and tell their stories.

In the same way, my creativity was an outlet, my safe haven, I know it could work for others the same way. And that creativity can be anything, painting, singing, dancing, growing food, arts and crafts, or writing a book.

I am proud of my chapter in VOICES, and holding my first published book in my hand was incredible. For information on purchasing a copy, please contact me